Sunday, 10 October 2010

Pizza cake for Lucy

You might not believe it, but this is a birthday cake.

Yep, a birthday cake.

As savoury and meaty as the toppings look,
I promise they're all sweet.

Big thanks to Pinglewood for hunting them down.

And as if the whole thing wasn't disturbing enough,
we served it up in a pizza box. Cheers Il Bacio!

Here's birthday girl Lucy cutting the cake with a pizza wheel...

Eating a slice...

And there goes the last one.

Carrot cupcakes for Robin

Robin's favourite cake is carrot, so I made these spiced
carrot cupcakes for his birthday.

They also have pecans inside.

And instead of cream cheese icing, I made a zingy
topping with orange zest, juice and icing sugar.

About Me

I'm a fashion writer/baking enthusiast based in North London.

I'm particularly keen on icing and decoration as I love painstakingly laborious tasks, but the cakes taste great too.

Should you wish to get in touch re a commission, please do!