Friday, 27 August 2010

Istanbul canapes

I love canapes, so was excited to see what Istanbul
fashion parties had to offer...

Check out the cheese, grape and pumpkin installation
at the newly opened Pera Palace Hotel...

A feast for the eyes, if not the palate.

But who could have known what was in store on
the Bosphorus boat cruise...?

Plus potato and grease croquettes modelled by Max Usher.

Obviously Istanbul is not all about silly party snacks,
there is a veritable feast of food on offer...

So thought I would end with this poignant image of the last
baklava that no one dared finish at Hamdi restaurant today...

So good!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Technicolor cakes

Well, these are quite possibly the best-decorated cakes
I have ever seen...

It is Cesca's actual birthday today (see below's Burger cake post)
and she has brought in yet more treats to celebrate.

Alongside a classic red velvet from Hummingbird was this
box of delights, made by Cesca's brother's girlfriend.

Vikki, I salute you.

Your cakes are awesome.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Burger cake


Look at this beast of a cake that Cesca at work brought in today for her birthday...

Congrats to her very talented friend Zara Ferreira who made it.

I am very impressed.

C:HV cakes

As Tom is a big Chev Chelios fan I decided to make
Crank: High Voltage double shot espresso cupcakes for his birthday*.

Those weird little bits of shrapnel are actually cola-flavoured
exploding candy, for that authentic high voltage kick...

Here's Tom (aka Lee Christmas) with an arsenal of deadly treats.

And here he is, shovelling his second cake...
just before he started grinding a picture of Corey Haim (RIP).

Big thanks to Greer McNally for the awesome pics.

* which was months ago, sorry.

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