Saturday, 27 November 2010

Mini cheese, shallot and chilli scones

So here are some little cheese, shallot and chilli scones I
made the other day.

We ate them warm with goats cheese and salsa, so they looked like
classic afternoon tea with clotted cream and jam.

I meant to take a picture of them, but we ate them too quickly.

Lemon squares

You make a shortbread-style base and bake that first, then
mix up a really sharp lemon curd and pour it on top.

After baking it again, let it cool, dust with icing sugar
and top with thin slices of fig. Though I think
strawberry or blackberry could also work well.

I love the way the lemon curd filling almost oozes out of the sides.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

About Me

I'm a fashion writer/baking enthusiast based in North London.

I'm particularly keen on icing and decoration as I love painstakingly laborious tasks, but the cakes taste great too.

Should you wish to get in touch re a commission, please do!