Friday, 9 July 2010

Supcakes™ at Joey's hen night

So, the Alice the baker creative team have been talking
about alcoholic cupcakes for a while now... great for parties etc.

And the working title is... Supcakes™.

And what better time to premiere Supcakes™, than at
Atb creative team member Joey Marshall's hen night?

We decided on Malibu and coke...

... and Baileys.

The perfect combination of nostalgia, tastiness and tackiness,
we think you'll agree.

Here's chief hen Poppy doing the honours, with a very fashionable doll.

(Don't ask...)

And here is the beautiful bride-to-be (and prolific blogger) Joey kissing said doll,
ably assisted by the lovely Lindsey D.

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I'm a fashion writer/baking enthusiast based in North London.

I'm particularly keen on icing and decoration as I love painstakingly laborious tasks, but the cakes taste great too.

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